residential concrete patios Longmont

Residential Concrete Services in Longmont, Colorado

Are you a resident of Longmont, CO? Do you have a residential concrete project that needs to be completed? Then we are your perfect choice. Our company, Longmont Concrete Service is a licensed and bonded concrete repair and installation company that offers a wide range of quality residential services. These include;

Residential Pool Deck Restoration and Resurfacing

Do you have a pool deck at your home that has aged, or had developed cracks and needs to be repaired, then we can help you repair it. With our high-quality materials, extensive knowledge, and our effective products, we can cover your old or new concrete with a strong, durable, and decorative protection product. Whether you just want to repair your aged or cracked pool deck or change its entire look, we can help. We make sure that we add some beauty to your yard by installing pool decks with unique designs through a variety of styles, and colors.

Residential Patios

If you’re planning to create a stylish and modern patio, or simply want to repair your aging or cracked concrete patio, then Longmont Concrete Service is your perfect choice. We can resurface and repair your patio to whatever style or design you want. From crack repairs to full overlays, our skilled technicians can handle any task regarding residential patios. Our services for concrete patios can add new aesthetic value to your home, increasing its overall value. With the right people working on your concrete patio project, your patio will be something eye-catching and very practical in terms of durability and safety.

Residential Porches

Do you have a concrete porch that is cracked, old or looking worn out? Do you know it can pose a serious danger to you and your family, neighbors or visiting friends? Whatever the porch’s damage level, Longmont Concrete Service has the best solution to your specific problem at affordable rates. When you hire us, we can easily upgrade or repair your concrete porch to give it a brand new elegant look of slate, brick, or natural stone, by resurfacing your existing porch. The new surface will look aesthetically pleasing and will require little maintenance. It will also be easier to clean. With our repairing, coating and resurfacing services, you can be sure to have a porch that matches with the rest of your beautiful home yard.

Sidewalks and Walkways

Longmont Concrete Service specializes in correcting cracked, worn out, and sinking sidewalks and walkways to help you avoid the expensive option of replacement. Actually, we don’t usually dig out or tear the old concrete, and this makes our resurfacing service significantly cheaper and faster than full replacement. Our company technicians are concrete repair and installation experts who use the best quality products to coat concrete surface and ensure their durability. So you can protect your most valuable assets from costly litigation by working with us. You’ll not only create beautiful and durable sidewalks but also have peace of mind when we repair or resurface it.

Garage Floor Repair

Our company offers professional residential garage services such as coating, resurfacing and repair. Our coating can provide your concrete garage floor with a very smooth and beautiful surface, making it easy to clean as well as stain resistant. We also repair cracked or worn out floors to make them have a new elegant look.

So if you want your residential concrete project to professionally completed, you can be sure we can make it happen. Call us now for a free quote. Our contact number is 720-710-5211.