Best Concrete Flatwork in Longmont

Longmont Concrete Flatwork

If you reside in Longmont, Colorado and you are in need of concrete services, you don’t have to waste any more time looking for a contractor because Longmont Concrete Service is available to help you to get exactly what you need and at the same time remain within your budget. Those commercials and residences who want concrete services like foundations, driveways, flatwork, patios, and other concrete services should come to us because our services can be trusted in Longmont, Colorado. Come to us and enjoy the following additional service;

Using decorative concrete flatwork for a new driveway will give a homeowner a unique and gorgeous addition that will appeal and add value to the property.

We can do decorative concrete flatwork virtually anywhere regular concrete can be installed. A simple sidewalk out by the street and the gray pathway up to your door can overnight appear to be finely cut exotic stone. It is common in many more beautiful homes to have backyard pools and decks. A well-designed system of decorative concrete flatwork around the pool and deck area will genuinely set a home apart, even among the best neighborhoods.

Stamped concrete in Longmont

One way people are now finding to turn a forgotten about space into a sanctuary is by resurfacing a concrete patio or basement and having a stamped concrete surface. Thanks to the numerous choices you have in stamped concrete, it is a viable option when creating your space. We can implement every type for you. A stamped concrete floor may seem an unusual approach to designing the perfect retreat space, but it might just e the ideal solution for your home’s layout. Don’t fear to think outside the box and have the beauty of a stamped concrete.

Stained concrete in Longmont

Another service you should expect from us is the installation of stained concrete floors. Concrete Stains have become the new material of choice for residential and commercial spaces.

It’s important to note that two concrete floors cannot look alike because of the variations in the age and composition of the concrete, surface, texture and other conditions. Some stain manufacturers use an adjective such as variability, rather than uniformity, that give stain concrete floors its broad appeal and allow an array of special effects. Properly sealed and maintained stained concrete will last for decades and seldom needs replacement.

Exposed aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a great option when you are considering paving a path, patio or driveway that is not all about 90-degree angles that are easy to pave with other surfaces. This type of aggregate can be formed into just about any shape you can imagine, so it is not only functional, it can be more artistic. It will also be able to fit your ideas perfectly so that your vision can become a reality. Additionally, it is very durable, so while it is decorative and can be truly unique, it is not something that is going to fall apart over time. It is excellent for rarely used paths as well as high traffic areas such as driveways. This surface demands little maintenance other than re-sealing and water cleaning annually.

Colored concrete

Colored concrete is a way of making something like your driveway match the color of your house or match your landscape. What type of design or color you want can only be restricted by your imagination.