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Concrete Additions in Longmont

When laying out terraces, driveways, and paths, a stable surface is very important. Thanks to our many wonderful references and our years of experience in laying out poly concrete driveways, you can be convinced of this.

Advantages of hiring Longmont Concrete Service:
• Depending on your personal taste, you can choose from a range of colors. Not every concrete floor needs to be mouse gray.
• The lifespan of polished concrete is much higher than an ordinary concrete floor because the polishing of a floor makes it much less porous.
• A polished driveway is very easy to maintain.
• If you opt for a driveway with a minimum of joints, there is little risk of moss or green deposits.
• Tile motifs of your choice, also combinations possible. After drying your driveway, we can cut the floor slab into any desired tile shape.
• A concrete driveway can be placed almost anywhere. We make the necessary preparations for you to guarantee a perfectly flat concrete floor. We also take care of the demolition work of your previous driveway if required. Includes disposal of the materials to be recycled.

Placement options:
• One whole: More and more often, a poly concrete driveway is extended in one go to the terrace and the garage floor.
• Level differences and stairs: By using the right material you can obtain very nice and durable level differences and stairs with polished concrete. A polished staircase as a transition from your driveway to your front door is possible. Our advice: opt for permanent formwork with corten steel, stainless steel or galvanized.
• Manhole covers: cast iron, aluminum or (concrete) integrated lids are seamlessly integrated into your driveway or garage floor.

Do you want to build your addition in concrete?

Do you like the natural and industrial look of concrete? A concrete driveway can be used almost in any residential environment. From sober modern and straightforward to rural and playful. Contact us for a quote for the construction of a driveway in concrete including guidance on how we best approach your driveway.

Maintenance and cleaning

Feed and protect
• Cleaning your floor is very easy with a soft broom, or just by brushing with water. Avoid the pressure washer.
• Feed your driveway with a natural soap with linseed oil (eg Carolin). The oil ensures the sealing of the micropores, which ensures the shine.
• Wipe off fallen leaves regularly from your driveway. The leaves contain certain acids so that there may be stains on your polished concrete floor.
• When working on your home, you always cover your polished concrete floor temporarily. Please note: You may never cover your concrete floor for a long period of time and certainly not if there is moisture under the cover! This results in irreversible nitrate deposition! In addition, the concrete floor must be completely cured (+ 1 month) before you can cover it.

Allow sufficient hardening on concrete driveway!

No matter how proud you are on your new concrete driveway, allow him the time to reveal his true splendor! After polishing a concrete driveway, a curing compound is applied. This results in a slowing down of the curing process and thus prevents shrinking / drying too quickly resulting in cracks. Leave the remains of this curing long enough on the driveway! After all, this is part of the construction procedure to be followed for a qualitative concrete floor.

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